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To Inspire thy heart

"INFLO"... is the purpose of this website. It's a Latin word which means TO INSPIRE! For whatever reason you are visiting this website, in God's plan, its not not by chance. In this short life all things under the sun are willed and permitted by Him for our good. So may your heart, in some big or small way, be inspired by something you find on this website. If you happen to be inspired here then please give all the Glory to Him. God doesn't always choose the best instruments to make His beautiful music, to do His Eternal life changing work, in fact on the contrary, He often chooses the weakest so that His glory may shine through them and all will know it comes from Him.

That being said... Welcome! Have a look see! Enjoy... now GO for these words on the intro page are over. :)

April 19, 2016
THE QUESTION — EVERY Christian knows?

BEHOLD THE QUESTION OF ALL QUESTIONS (Because IF it can be answered, then it is, and rightly should be, the foundation of all Christians’ beliefs and arguments) THE QUESTION: Where in the bible (what Bible verse) does it say that everything Jesus wanted us to know must me mentioned in the Bible??? WHOA!!! WHAT IF […]

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Bella the Movie - Ed Vizenor talks about this amazing film
April 12, 2016
Inspirational Stories & fruits of Bella the movie

BLAST from the past! Wow! So I was digging out my old non functional laptop that I had with me in New York as we were marketing the film Bella and I happened to find an old USB Flash Drive in my case. I opened up and found this mp3 of an interview I did from […]

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March 24, 2016
FUN IDEA To Teach Kids About The REAL Meaning of Easter!

GLOW IN THE DARK EASTER EGG HUNT I am always looking for fun ways to teach the faith to my son. I have never seen this done before and thought of this idea as I was in the 99 Cent Store.  So for a little over 5 bucks we are going to have some “Glow In The […]

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