The HELL there is! – (with a happy ending)
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Father Jose Maniyangat Story

(TRUE STORY of a Priest who was taken to Hell) – Why the “Happy Ending”? Because this story is really more about God’s Mercy than it about God’s judgements.  I first saw this video when someone posted in one of the facebook groups I am a part of. All I saw was ” The hell there is! ” and my first thought was “Oh man some one is mad.” So I clicked on his post and saw it was a plug for a video. :) My next thought was “wow 38 minutes! Ummm, yeah I don’t have time for that.” However, I decided to start it… and I am REALLY THANKFUL I did. Finally, I thought “Ok, this is good! I need to promote this one in a special way.” So here I am with a little blog post and a little image to catch your attention. I added the part about the ‘Happy Ending’ because I thought some might see this as some ‘doom and gloom’ or a ‘fire and brimstone’ type of preaching. Nope, really it’s not. It’s just sharing a true story and reflecting on the teachings of heaven, hell and purgatory.

I also made this homily available as an mp3 download for those who don’t have time to watch it. This way you can save it to your desktop or mobile phone and listen to it later.

Yes, its 38 minutes of your precious time. But what better way can we spend our time than reflecting on why we are here and what time has been given to us for in the first place anyway?

If you like this video or even some of it, then feel free to, rather please… share it! We need to be reminded about eternity as often as we can because there are just WAY…to many distractions in our life that can make us forget why we are really here.

This video will help remind you… and all those you share it with. :)