Will you offer a moment?
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Will you offer a moment? In the end all our actions, both big and small, seen and unseen, will not be measured by the success we have seen or not seen, by the results we hoped for, by how others praised us or mocked us, by numbers or any other factor we possibly judge by. No, our moments will be measured by God alone… by the amount of love offered in the short moments we were given to live for Him in this life.

How precious is “the moment” then, as He awaits our love to rise to Him. Let us ask for the grace to never get lost in the secondary things, which in reality are only competition seeking to distract us in “the moment”, and are only dust, which will quickly pass and in eternity have no value at all. Only love, untied and offered to God, will retain eternal value. Every moment spent on Him will remain eternal, shall praise Him forever in Heaven, provided we persevere in His grace.

God only gives us “the moment”. The past moments are gone. There is nothing we can do to change them. We need to let them go and entrust them to God’s Mercy.  The futures moments, for us, may never come. Worry is the thief who can steal the only thing we really have, “the moment”, if we let him.

The truth is, there is only one moment where we can offer our Love to God. There is only one moment reserved solely for us and God. There is only one moment where He can transform our efforts and work into an eternal song of praise to Him, if only we offer it to Him. “The moment” is now…