The Eternal Selfie . . . (The Final Shot)
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WHAT IF… in this life our physical beauty and health depended on the beauty of our soul? How many would be “hitting the church” rather than hitting the gym or diet plans? How hard would we work to make ourself look good? How hard would we strive to be Holy?

In heaven… it shall be so. Our beauty and happiness in heaven will depend on how much we have loved God and RESPONDED to His grace in this life. And this beauty WILL NEVER FADE or decay with time as it does here. However, we only have so much time in this life to work for this eternal beauty. Once our time is up… we can WORK NO MORE. We shall reap what we have sown. Our Eternal “Selfie” will have been taken. It will remain as it is. No chance for another photo shoot.

By His grace then, let’s work to be beautiful, for an eternal beauty, because this is… His plan for us! What are we waiting for? JESUS, will be our “make up artist” and get us ready for the final shot. Only He can make us beautiful and He is only a prayer away! We have to let Him make us into the “perfect picture” He has in mind for us. GOOD NEWS! There is STILL TIME to become beautiful for that final shot but we need to start preparing¬†RIGHT NOW. ¬†Ok Jesus, Let’s do this!


Lights, Camera… PRAY!


The Eternal Selfie