THE QUESTION — EVERY Christian knows?
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BEHOLD THE QUESTION OF ALL QUESTIONS (Because IF it can be answered, then it is, and rightly should be, the foundation of all Christians’ beliefs and arguments)

THE QUESTION: Where in the bible (what Bible verse) does it say that everything Jesus wanted us to know must me mentioned in the Bible???

WHOA!!! WHAT IF it CAN NOT be answered? Then should it be the foundation of a Christians’ beliefs? Should they embrace and live by a non biblical view and foundation?

IF IT CAN NOT be answered then the question “Where does it say that in the Bible?” seems to be a major contradiction, a non biblical question right? Why? Because the Bible doesn’t say it. Or does it? Can you help prove the foundation of some many Christian’s beliefs about the Bible?

(P.S. The verse that says “all scripture is inspired by God” does not answer this question. It simply says “All is inspired by God” But not that EVERYTHING Jesus wanted us to know must be mentioned in the Bible.)

It is interesting to note that THE BIBLE DOES SAY that there are many things that Jesus said and did that could not be written down. So then there are many important teachings Jesus gave us that are not mentioned in the Bible.

“Jesus did many other things as well. If every one of them were written down, I suppose that even the whole world would not have room for the books that would be written.” – John 21:25

So how then did Jesus give us and reveal to us these truths that are not mentioned or written in Bible? It seems clear that Jesus established an authority to give us these truths, an authority that is not the Bible alone, but rather a Church. A living teaching authority given to His apostles alone and they passed on this authority to other apostles by the laying on of hands, not by giving them the Bible and asking them to pray to the Holy Spirit so they can understand the truth of what is saying. This is not Biblical. Jesus did not give us a Bible but a did give us a Church. What Church? Is it all who follow Jesus and pray? It could not be or they would all agree unanimously, because Jesus would not teach different truths to some and not others.

In summary, Jesus, did establish a Church. This was part of His mission and to not listen or follow His wishes to be a part of His Church, is to go against God’s will. So what Church then? It is seems so clear from History that it is the very church that put the Bible together. This Church that give us the Bible, has the authority to give us the fullness of it’s meaning and ALL of the teachings Jesus wanted us to know, written in the Bible and those passed on by Sacred Tradition.

That Church, full of sinners, which Jesus established that has never changed it’s teachings on matters of faith and morals… is The Catholic Church.