Raises over $5 million for pregnancy centers – Crescendo The Film
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Movie To Movement does it again! Teaming up with Pattie Mallette (Justin Bieber’s mom), Eduardo Verastegui and talented director Alonso Alvarez, Movie To Movement produces a film that will have a lasting impact on your heart. To date it has raised over 5 million for pregnancy centers. Simply Amazing!

Based on a true story, Crescendo will reveal one particular amazing historical fact that is simply not talked about enough. The world and all cultures really need to think heavily about this event, a choice and a person’s life, that forever impacted the course of world history. I am convinced this film will help change that. It’s definitely worth having a personal copy of this film. The good news is NOW YOU CAN!

Yes РJust released this week  Рyou can now get your very own copy of this master piece! When you purchase this film, not only will you get a great film that will move your heart, but you will also be supporting a movement that will continue making more outstanding films like Crescendo.

Not all of us can produce films like this, be we all are called to build a culture of life and hope in our world. You are doing just that when you purchase a copy of this DVD and join with Movie To Movement and support their vision of making a positive impact on society through film. It’s not just an idea. It’s happening! Be a part of this movement! Help it grow and flourish! Ready to be inspired and inspire others? ORDER YOUR COPY HERE

Also check out these 3 great videos below!
1.¬† Pattie Mallette’s words on this film and the effect it is having.
2. Notice the production quality in this quick trailer? AMAZING!
3. A little clip I filmed of Jason Jones on his vision and goal for producing films like this.