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A Passion For Digital


Inspired by Saint Maximillian Kolbe and Saint John Paul II, who called us to use the media to evangelize, for nearly 25 years I have taken this call as my mission and have invested and devoted the majority of my life to responding to this call. My heart's desire is especially to promote Devotion to the Mercy of God and The Mother of God, especially using the most modern means.
Becoming All Things To All Men


Understanding the need to reach out to people using a various means, I have chosen to invest much time into aquaring a variety of skills across multiple platforms. I have also teamed up with other skilled developers and talented artists to help bring my projects to life.
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Software Engineer

It's not just web design but software engineering with custom code, server management and database develpment that provides clients cutting edge technology and integration that brings their website to a whole new level.

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Graphic Design

It's not just about the code under the hood either. Why not have a website with a "WOW Effect" that will leave an awesome first impression? Stunning Graphic Design is essential in helping your message connect with others.

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Apple & Android Apps

FACT: There are nearly as many cell phone subscriptions as there are people. Apps provide a unique means of interaction and can deliver your message in ways no other media can. Those who are very serious about their message have invested in app.

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Social Media Marketing

Over 12 MILLION people were impacted by my work in 2016 and over 412 MILLION have been impacted over the last few years. There are over 1 Billion people on Facebook. Reaching the people means using Social Media, most especially Facebook.

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Film & Editing

After living in Hollywood for several years working closely with directors, actors and other editors, I greatly sharpened my cinematography skills.

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Experienced / Connected

I have worked with Radix traveling the country for 5 years, worked in Hollywood and helped produce life changing films. I have been a public speaker for two decades. I use this experience and connections to help execute all of my projects to their maximum potential.

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